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Set Up - Preparing Your Site For Drilling

This is a typical Recirculating Pit System, or Mud Pit, as it is commonly called. These pit dimensions are reccommended to allow for maximum settling of the excess mud and cuttings being flushed out of the borehole, and allows for the cleaner flush water to be recirculated through the drill stem. The suction screen should be supported off the bottom of the overflow pit. The excess mud, gravel, and sand should be removed from the mud pit periodically for a better recirculating process.

This is a typical Mud Pit ready for filling with water.

Filling the entire pit with fresh water.

Now, you're ready to start drilling. Add water to the pit as your borehole gets deeper.

While drilling, as the borehole gets deeper, moniter for water temperature, checking the cuttings flushed out of the borehole for coarse sand, small pea gravel, and watching the level of the water in the borehole for indications of a water bearing stratum.

After reaching water, remove the drill stem and drill bit from the borehole.

This borehole was drilled to 168 feet deep reaching a good water bearing stratum. Now, it is ready for installing the casing and pump.

We also have bits available for drilling through rock.

For More Good Information On Drilling Procedures With Portable Drilling Equipment, We Reccommend:     http://www.lifewater.ca/