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BoreMaster Hydraulic Well Drilling Rigs

Choose Hydra-Fab Manufacturing, Inc. for top-of-the-line hydraulic well drilling rigs. The BoreMaster trailer mounted hydraulic rigs are available in a variety of power configurations from 16HP To 25HP gasoline and diesel engines. They are fully hydraulic high torque top head drive units with forward and reverse rotation, fast and efficient, and easily operated; everything is accessible and convenient. The 6" power mast is hydraulically raised and lowered in seconds for fast and easy preparation. They come standard with 200 feet of high strength drill stem with wide thread couplings (not converted water pipe) and carry-racks for drill stem, bits, and mud pump. These rigs are suitable for commercial drilling, farmers and ranchers, and geothermal installations. Contact us now for more information on portable well drilling equipment.

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BoreMaster Hydraulic Trailer Packages

Hydraulic Mast Folds Down For Easy Transportation. Compact Trailer Design Makes It Possible To Transport Even With A Small Vehicle.

Smooth And Straight Line Drilling, Fully Adjustable Beam For Exact Borehole Alignment.

Easily Maneauverable, Allowing Access To Even The Hardest To Get To Drilling Sites (Standard Unit Pictured Above).

Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Mast Can Be Set To Any Angle From 0 to 45 Degrees For Installing The Compact Geo-Thermal Loops.

Smooth Pulling, Highway Ready

With The Four 7000 lb. Stabilizers Set, It Makes A Solid, Stable Drilling Platform

Specifications: (Standard Unit - Single Axle)

This Unit Comes With A Certificate Of Origin And Title, Made In The U.S.A.

Power Supply: 18HP Kohler Gasoline 4 Stroke Engine, Electric Start, Electronic Ignition, EPA Approved

Battery: 12 Volt Marine 550 CCA

Hydraulic Motor: 22 c.i. 

Torque: 4460 (in. lb's.)

Hydraulic Pump: 28 GPM

Trailer Dimensions: (Total Outside Deminsions) 5'-8" X 13'-6"

(Platform) 55" X 100"

3500 lb. Axle

Stabilizers (4) 7000 lb. Side Winders

15" Wheels, 6 Ply Highway Rated Tires 

Mast: 8'-2"

Length Of Stroke: 96"

Pull-Up Capacity: 2500 lb's. Direct Hydraulic

Down Pressure: 2500 PSI Direct Hydraulic

Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 26 Gal.

Drill Stem: 200 ft. High Strength

Mud Pump: Gasoline, Pull-Start, 12000 GPH

Swivel: High Volume, High Pressure, Rated At 750 PSI

Drill Bits: 3 Bits Total (4" thru 9.5")

Pressure Hose: 200 PSI, With Double By-Pass Valves

Suction Hose

Drill Stem Rack

Package Price: $16,464.00 

On Sale For Limited Time Only

Standard Unit - 18 HP Single Axle Hydraulic Trailer Rig