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Swivel, The Key Feature

This Is One Of The Key Components That Helps Our Drilling Rigs Deliver High Efficiency

The swivel is the heart of the rotary drilling system, it transferes water at high pressure through the drill stem to the drill bit, which cools and lubricates the bit as it drills, and flushes and forces the cuttings up and out of the borehole. Without a large capacity high volume swivel, drilling a well over twenty to thirty feet deep will be very limited, if not impossible. 

We manufacture our own patent pending high volume, weight bearing  swivel.  Our swivel is equipped with large heavy duty, easily replaceable, packing type seals which are much more resistant to the abrasive sand and mud cuttings constantly forced through the system. Also, Roller Bearings Keep The Swivel Shaft Supported And Rotating Smoothe And Straight. 

Your Success Is Our Goal 

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This Is Our Hydraulic Swivel Assembly

We Manufacture The Swivel Shaft From A Solid Tool Steel Bar, Precicely Machined And Balanced .

Transformed In Our Machine Shop, From Solid Tool Steel Bar To Precicely Groud Water Swivel Shaft.

Our Swivel Mounted On Our 13HP Unit, Part Of The Frame Itself, For Maximum Support And Maximum Transfer